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[icon] Fic and Art Recs - Almost Paradise
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Subject:Fic and Art Recs
Time:06:32 pm

our_innocence wrote Three Rules. Theo must make a decision.. (Theodore, Hermione, PG13)
jazzyjello wrote The Meadow. Hermione and Luna are falling apart, and Luna finds she's scared of the endless dark sky.. (Hermione/Luna, PG13)
ryf wrote A Magical Day. Hermione receives her Hogwarts letter. (Hermione, G)
cordeliadelayne wrote One Summer's Eve. Hermione sat under the tree by the Lake, idly flicking through her textbook.. (Hermione/Kingsley, PG13)
tamlane wrote Drabble. There she is. He figured she'd be here.. (Blaise/Hermione, PG13)
millieweasley wrote Don't Stop. Sometimes arguing have unforeseen side-effects. . (Hermione/Fred, PG13)
millieweasley completed Casualties of War. A war has many casualties and Hermione has lost more than most. Years on the run from Voldemort and his followers has taken their toll, but is she strong enough to stop to rest, to trust, to learn to love again?. (Hermione/Blaise, PG13)
koalathebear wrote Darkness in the Library. Hermione's head snapped around sharply, her quill falling from her fingers to the table.. (Cedric/Hermione, PG)
koalathebear wrote After the War. Hermione glanced up at the intensely purple triple-decker bus that had appeared out of thin air - narrowly missing her foot. (Cedric/Hermione, PG)
koalathebear wrote Out of Her Tree. Apparently, attractive boys do just drop out of trees. (Cedric/Hermione, G)
rosie_red73 wrote Good Enough. Sirius Black. Sirius Black. Sirius sodding Black.. (Hermione/Sirius, R)
charlotteschaos wrote Truth. Hoping for a story that will clear Snape's name, Hermione is sent to Azkaban prison to interview him for the Daily Prophet. . (Hermione/Snape, R)
our_innocence wrote Little Fire. This is going to shatter soon, and he knows it.. (Hermione/?, R)
lunalelle wrote Her Color is Blue. She said nothing and stared up at him, desperate and frightened but not by him.. (Hermione/Voldemort, NC17)
dixi19 and tamlane wrote In Which There is Bar Sex. Blaise stepped through the archway feeling like he might have just sold his soul to the devil.. (Hermione/Blaise, NC17)
simons_flower wrote Wishing Well. The boys are in threadbare jeans and Hermione has an itch.. (Hermione/Harry/Ron, NC17)
acony_bell wrote Figure Eight. . (Hermione/Draco, NC17)
karenhealey wrote Just As It Is. “I can’t do this,” she said blankly. “How does one do this?” Remus handed her the black robes, the white stole. “I’m not sure,” he said quietly. “I only know that one must, and does.”. (Hermione/Draco, NC17)
bambu345 wrote A Quest of Paladins. Two Houses, both bound by tradition and cloaked in strength of purpose, must unite in order to overthrow the terrible scourge facing their world… er… that’s a bit Romeo & Juliet and Lord of the Rings. Shall we say that this takes up after Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince left off?. (Hermione/Draco, NC17)
hailiebu wrote That's What She Said. It's been five years since Hermione last saw the twins, and she definitely likes what she sees.. (Hermione/Fred/George, Fred/George, NC17)

souliesoul drew A Break from Study (Hermione, G)
honeybean drew Potion's Champ (Trio, G)
midnight_ljc drew Hermione (Hermione, G)
midnight_ljc drew Trio (Trio, G)
midnight_ljc drew Oh, Professor! (Hermione/Remus, G)
amandioka and midnight_ljc drew Draco/Hermione (Draco/Hermione, G)
miints drew Hermione (Hermione, G)
dragong drew Padma/Hermione (Padma/Hermione, G)
midnight_ljc drew What Nice Boobs you have Miss. Granger (Snape/Hermione, NWS)
roonil_wazlib80 drew Madonna (Hermione, NWS)
_odella_ drew Lucius/Hermione (Lucius/Hermione, NWS)
reallycorking drew Prelude to Sex (Ron/Hermione, NWS)
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Time:2006-01-16 09:43 pm (UTC)
tnx for the recs. Amazing about 1/2 I already read. *smirk* The art recs were wonderful too. ;)
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[icon] Fic and Art Recs - Almost Paradise
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